Clients: Aesop, Bart Hess

Location: Aesop shops Sydney Melbourne Brisbane, Ion Art Gallery Singapore, DesignTo festival Toronto


'Titled with the Ancient Greek word for knowledge and understanding, the installation was born of the belief that we absorb knowledge through the senses, with the skin acting as an interface between the body and the world around us.


Inspired by this understanding, Hess reimagined the windows as a theatre of the senses, dramatising the moment Aesop formulations touch the surface of the skin, and abstracting the transformations which occur as they nourish the physical and the sensual being.


Spanning more than sixty metres, the installation melds scenography, Hess's film work, and sound design by Ricky van Broekhoven to evoke the sensory experience of our complete offering.'


- Aesop


To create the music we explored ways to manifest an on the skin feel, of something that resonates a near tangible sensory expression. To achieve this we used recordings of the sonic qualities of the physical materials that were used by Bart. Combined with layers of harmonic textures these became the foundations of each sound track complimenting the cinematography.

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